Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote from Ship Naked?

We're happy to setup your free Ship Naked account and provide you with your simple Ship Naked quote, taking into account all the complicated variables of shipping and fulfillment. Please visit or call us at 1-844-SHIP NAKED (toll-free in the US and Canada) or call us at +01 603-792-1142. You can also chat face-to-face with us on Skype (ShipNaked).

Why should I use Ship Naked over one of the other fulfillment options I'm looking at?

We handle the entire process from the factory to your customers. If you want to save time, money, and hassle on your order fulfillment, you should use Ship Naked. We have a ton of experience processing complex campaigns and ongoing shipments. We've shipped hundreds of successful campaigns. We guarantee that we we'll provide you with the best value overall in any apples-to-apples comparison. We're simple and straightforward. Plus we're just downright friendly :)

Which shipping carriers will you be using for our fulfillment?

We utilize a variety of shipping carriers depending on the size and scope of the shipment. These include USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, postal services around the globe, and various freight providers for large shipments. For Standard shipments, we always select the most cost-effective, reliable carrier for your packages to keep your costs down. 

What does Customs-Friendly mean?

When a package ships Customs-Friendly by Ship Naked, we ship it through one of our many depots around the world directly to your door. This means that if your package ships to you from our fulfillment center in a Customs-Friendly region, you should not have any additional costs for receiving your reward package (customs fees, brokerage charges, etc). We pay the import costs to the local authorities when we import into your region.

This all sounds great! How do I give you money? 

We accept payment via electronic funds transfer or wire transfer from your bank. We can also accept payments via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. For those payment methods, since our rates are so competitive, there is a surcharge to cover the cost of payment processing. Once we receive all the information in our template and product for shipping your campaign, we'll provide you with an invoice and we require payment before we process outgoing shipments.

How much weight is typically added by the tape, packing box, and shipping label?

We recommend adding half a pound to a full pound of weight for a sturdy box and packing material, depending on the size of your game. If you have a small box (like Tiny Epic Kingdoms), you can ship in a bubble mailer which typically only adds an ounce or two of weight.

Do package weights round up or down?

Once you get over a pound of total package weight, carriers round weight up to the next pound, so keep that in mind when reviewing the chart above. Also, be sure to include the weight for the packing material, not just the item(s) you're shipping. For example, if your total package weight including the item(s) and packing material is 1.2 pounds, that would round up to the 2 pound rate. If your total package weight was 5.7 pounds, that would round up to 6 pounds. It always rounds up. 

How is tracking on packages handled? Will it be possible for us to get tracking information to backers so they can track their packages individually?

Packages sent via certain methods and over certain weights will have tracking via that carrier. Typically smaller packages and those going overseas via postal services will not have individual tracking numbers at the standard rates we have listed. We can offer individual tracking on each package, but typically for overseas packages that raises the rates significantly. 

When are these Ship Naked rates valid through?

Shipping rates for all carriers adjust at the start of each year (typically about halfway through January). Our rates are always based on current rates and will be adjusted as carriers adjust their rates. We'll always charge you the rates that are current as of when your packages ship out from our warehouses.

What sort of support will you offer my customers during fulfillment?

We will take the information you enter into our shipping templates and coordinate the outgoing shipments from there. We offer direct customer support for all packages we ship out via our toll-free number (1-844-SHIP NAKED) and via email through We'll resolve address corrections and re-shipments directly with customers, saving you time and hassle.

How are returns and exchanges handled?

When packages are returned to us, we'll reach out to the customer directly and request information for re-shipping the product. This saves you time and hassle and provides faster service for the customer. We even handle replacement pieces! We invoice you at Standard rates for these shipments. If you'd like to handle replacements instead, we can direct customers to you and you can submit the orders as you approve them.

How long will it take for you to process and fully ship by campaign?

It depends. The simpler the campaign (the fewer unique builds of packages), the faster it goes. We have a very simple list of steps we take before we can fulfill a campaign:

  1. We need all the product we need to ship. Not some of it - all of it. We need this to calculate the package size and weights accurately.
  2. A complete and final file with all the information of who we need to ship to. This file needs to match our template for import into our shipping systems.
  3. Once we have that information, we'll generate your invoice, optimized to reduce your overall shipping cost.
  4. Once we send that invoice, you need to pay it.
  5. Once we have all the product, shipping information file, and payment, we will schedule processing and outgoing shipment. That can take a day or it can take months, depending on the complexity level of your campaign.
  6. Volume of packages is not as large a factor as complexity. If you want things to ship quickly, keep it simple.

How long will it take for my packages to get to their destinations?

For shipments sent from our headquarters in the US, most US packages take 3-5 business days. Most Canadian packages take 5-7 business days. Most shipments to the EU take 5-10 days depending on the destination. Most shipments to Australia and other far-flung locations take 2-4 weeks. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

For Customs-Friendly Worldwide shipments, the transit from the factory and through customs to each of our shipping depots will vary depending on where the goods are produced and where we ship them out through. Local receiving, processing, and shipping times once they arrive at a given shipping depot range from a matter of a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the shipments.

Will the customer be responsible for the VAT/Taxes/customs?

Yes, customers are always responsible for their local taxes and customs. If you ship packages from within the EU you can often cover the cost of VAT when the items are imported into the EU. In that case you're paying the taxes on the customer's behalf. Most packages under a certain value are exempted from customs charges and those rules change by country. If you utilize our Customs-Friendly Worldwide service, we'll handle all the details of making sure your recipients are not unduly burdened by customs and brokerage charges.

If we have say 2,000 units made, and 1,500 go to your US warehouse and 300 go to one of your EU warehouses and another 200 that go to other warehouses. Would that cause additional fees?

Whenever you have units go to any of our shipping depots, you'll need to get the product there. We can do that for you with our Factory to Depot service or you can handle it with your printer / factory. Whoever is handling the Factory to Depot shipping should be able to provide you with estimates of the additional costs of shipping. It's definitely more expensive to split ship from the printer. Whether that makes it more cost effective for you overall depends on the volume of packages you have. In general, the fewer depots you use, the less costly. We can run all those numbers for you and get you the best value overall.

Do you only handle Kickstarter projects? What if I want continuing distribution?

We handle regular shipments every day in addition to campaign shipments. 

Can you ship anything? 

We ship the vast majority of items. We do not ship alcohol, food, poison, otters, hazardous materials, weapons, unicorns, or any other mythical creatures.

This all sounds amazing, just what I've been looking for! How do I qualify to use Ship Naked?

We recommend you contact us so we can schedule a time for a free introductory consultation by phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts. We can offer advice on how to optimize your product to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. 

What's your secret? How is Ship Naked so much better than traditional fulfillment services?

Our secret is that we're Powered by Good People™ We don't just use the best facilities and the best technology. We're actual people that actually care about your, our clients. When issues arise, we're here to fix them. We're continually implementing improvements to our processes and systems to make your experience better.

I hear you can fulfill all my wanton desires and that your magical service includes a free pony.

That is a vicious rumor that we vehemently deny. No ponies are harmed when we Ship Naked. ;)