Kind Words from People Who Ship Naked


"I’ve been incredibly pleased with the handling of Tiny Epic Galaxies. I have offered many recommendations to other publishers to use Ship Naked’s services... thanks for the good customer service, you’ve all done a great job."

- Michael Coe, Gamelyn Games, creators of Tiny Epic Galaxies, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Tiny Epic Defenders, and more!


I can tell from all my interactions with Ship Naked that you have a great company. I have been very impressed with the follow-up and solid communication. I was totally surprised by the personal call. Monolith definitely picked a fantastic logistics partner. Thanks for all the help!
— Carl G.

"After our shipping plan was decimated, Ship Naked really stepped up and solved our problems...all of them. Which was great. There were enough unknowns to sort out without the worry of international shipping being added to the mix. Every interaction with this fantastic company was handled quickly, effectively and with a minimum amount of fuss. In my experience there is no one else who will provide these services as well as Ship Naked. Thanks guys for making our Kickstarter project a success, we will use you in the future and recommend you wholeheartedly!"

- Mike Atkinson, Uncle Mike's Games, developers of the Strange Aeons miniatures games


"Faced with the daunting task of fulfilling a Kickstarter, I knew it would take me far, far too long to do it myself - and Ship Naked is able to quickly, efficiently, and reliably get packages out to backers! I was thrilled with their customer service before, during, and after the fulfillment process. They got packages to my backers faster than I would have been able to - which all parties involved appreciated! I would recommend Ship Naked for Kickstarter fulfillment to anyone who asked."

- Doug Levandowski, Meltdown Games, creators of Gothic Doctor


"Service with Ship Naked [went] swimmingly and I'm very pleased."

- Tony Go, Tau Leader, creators of Dragon's Ransom, Hunters of Arcfall, and more!


"We've had great response from the first deliveries. We'd certainly like to thank you and your team for the great work in getting our books out!"

- Stephen Schubert, Sasquatch Game Studios, creators of Primeval Thule


"Ship Naked is easy as can be."

- Michael Kanarek, Aviary Games, creator of Alchemy!


“Ship Naked handled the fulfillment for my Slaughterball Kickstarter and they did an excellent job! They were very helpful, communicative, and transparent during all phases of the shipping process. They really took a lot of weight off my shoulders handling the global distribution.”

- Erik Kjerland, Frog the What Games, creator of Slaughterball


"We love you folks, and will certainly be back in touch for Kickstarter #4. Our Epic Treasure coin Kickstarter had 30 SKUs and 300 backers, and Ship Naked sent them all out with zero errors and great shipping rates. They are total champs."

- Mark Morrison & Andre Bishop, King of the Castle, creators of Campaign Coins


"Early in our crowdfunding campaign, we figured we'd ship a few hundred boxes ourselves, but once that turned into thousands, we were eager to find a good fulfillment partner. Ship Naked offered straightforward pricing and a set of features that gave us the confidence to open our campaign to backers outside the United States, When fulfillment time came, they helped us with rapidly changing shipping schedules, backer communication, and even offered excellent post-fulfillment options. Crowdfunding was kind of exhausting, but working with Ship Naked made it all a little easier."

- Matthew Moore, Do Better Games, creator of Bring Your Own Book


"Ship Naked handled my Kickstarter fulfillment on time and at a reasonable price. The follow up service has been great and my backers have been very happy."

- Erika Svanoe, creator of Marrying Mr. Darcy series


"I wanted to just write and say thanks to all of you— Dan, James, Tim, and the rest of the Game Salute/Ship Naked crew for working with us these past few years. We are happy we met Dan many years back at BGG con and to have had the opportunity to get our game in the hands of game fans and stores."

- Shelby Cinca, Mysterian Games, creator of ZonePlex