Kind Words from People Who Ship Naked

The games arrived in perfect condition. Additionally, the packing was not only sufficient for the Task, but also ecologically friendly without any superflous plastic. Thumbs up!
— Alexander from Germany
Got mine yesterday. 5 months early has to be some kind of record.
My wife and I can’t wait to play it!
— Hans Cummings
Our calls and emails to Ship Naked are promptly answered, problems quickly sorted out, and solutions determined and put into effect right away. THAT is the difference in fulfillment services and why we choose Ship Naked. Everyone gets made whole despite any SNAFUs along the way.
— Victory Point Games
Got mine in Alberta Calgary area yesterday sitting on the front step in a puddle of dripping water from the snow melt on my roof BUT it’s double cardboard packed and was in perfect condition when I opened it which is surprising for how tight of a fit it was and for the size and weight it had no damage. Good job the whole exp was easy and fun now I guess I can play the game now that all the fun of Kickstarter is over lol.
— Abraham from Calgary

I just received a copy of Key Flow. The box it was packed in was made of strong, thick cardboard AND, Importantly, the corners were reinforced. This is EXACTLY how to pack a game. Key Flow arrived factory fresh in MINT condition. Protecting the corners is the most important; the top and bottom of boxes is usually fine. Really impressed by your care and attention to detail.
— Ellen Matthews
The game has arrived in Denmark in perfect condition. Very nice production value, good clear graphics.
— Thomas from Denmark
Just got the game here in Germany. Packaging job was really secure, there was no chance the logistics company could damage the game itself.
— Rene from Germany
Received today in Japan — both padded envelope and game in perfect condition. First tried solo and my 11 year old then trounced my score completely! Such is life.
— Marcus from Japan

This is so awesome! Everyone is so happy that they got their games on time or early.
— Daniel Aronson
You guys were really good. When push came to shove you were able to deliver!
— Todd from
Got mine today (Australia). Looks good. Was very well packed, with multiple layers.
— Bethany from Australia
Got my copy a few weeks ago, Had a minor issue with 6 of the virus/replicator tokens splitting right after punching them (probably the glue hadn’t set properly).
After contacting Ship Naked, I got replacements in the mail in around a week, so great service there!
— Timo Kandolin

I am in California and got my bags on Sunday. Perfect timing as I had a game day that day. Bags look good, construction is nice and sturdy, and they performed quite well. Very happy with them!
— David
I received my game in Finland. No damage, no missing parts.
— Jukuvain from Finland
Rage Combo Tier has landed. Shipped by Ship Naked, arrived today, in excellent condition by the appearances. Very excited!
Have to fake sick now to stay at home ;)
— John B from Virgina
Our shipping team is on fire - North American fulfillment finished today!
— Game Salute

I just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday and everything is there. My order is now complete thanks to you! Once again I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me! THANK YOU!
— Wade Parker
Received mine in Montreal yesterday. Looks great, I can’t wait to play.

— Michel from Montreal
Just received my bundle of games in San Francisco, CA Everything was packaged very nicely.
— Heather H from San Fancisco
“Shipping has gone very smoothly, we’re seeing lots of happy posts from backers in the US. We’re incredibly pleased with the service, your level of care, and the attention to detail.”
— Mark Morrison of Campaign Coins

The Game and mat arrived today!

Already played two rounds with my 7 year old who loved saving the kids sleep. Her favorite was slaying the monsters!!

Thank you very much !!!

What a lovely game!!
— Antje Hübner Feder
Received my copy today. Everything looks great. I can’t wait to get it to the table!
— Dan A
3 days ago, I received a shipping notification for Genesis and Megafauna from ShipNaked (with an expected delivery time in 4-6 weeks). Quite unexpectedly however, the games arrived here in Sweden yesterday, i.e. only two days after the shipping notification was sent.
I was very happy to find that no components were missing, no cards were misprinted and everything was undamaged.
— Sam S
Received my game + expansion the other day in mint condition.
— Eric P

Had mine delivered this morning in the UK. Looks gorgeous, can’t wait to play.
— James D
Got my copy today in Portugal, all in mint condition. Everything went smooth this time with ShipNaked. :)
— Nelson V
Got my shipment yesterday. Won’t have time to crack it open for a few days. Thanks for the delivery. Everything looks super good and a great addition.
— Chris G
My copy of Hardback and the Paperback Expansion arrived in Ontario, Canada today. I didn’t get a chance to peel the shrink wrap back but they were shipped together in a box with packing paper and the boxes look to be perfectly intact.
— Chris G from Canada

Got my game in perfect condition in Sweden! Will play it tomorrow, excited!!! It looks amazing, thx for all work, it is worth the wait ;)!!!
— Omid from Sweden
My copy arrived today, and everything was very well-packed and in great shape. Now to play all weekend!
— Andrew
My game arrived Tuesday with all items in super condition.
— Ed P
Thank you for the follow up. I got my game today. Thank you again. Love the customer service!
— John from Utah


“I don’t think I have any suggestions for improvement. Everyone I have worked with at Ship Naked has been responsive, honest and very, very patient. Considering we had a pretty small Kickstarter it would have been easy for most companies to put less care into our business, but I feel like we got treated the same as if we had a million dollar campaign.
— Matt Keyser from Fidget Creative
Arrived today in Portugal. Everything looks great.
— Joao C from Portugal
I received mine in the UK on Saturday - everything was in the box and there was no damage. The box had been encased in bubble wrap inside the cardboard outer box.
— Callly M from the UK
Ship Naked are issuing a replacement copy. They’ve been excellent in how quickly they respond to my emails.
— Scott Owen Lucas - Austraila

Got them yesterday in Denmark :D Shipping notice friday, delivery on tuesday.
— Erik I from Denmark
My game arrived in the post yesterday (Adelaide, Australia). Haven’t opened it yet, but the box was well packaged and is in good shape. :)
— Matthew I from Austraila
Thank you to Starling Games & Ship Naked for quickly resolving my shipping issue (which was not their fault). Really looking forward to getting my hands on it now :)
— Liam M
Update for German backers: I got my Tank today via DHL and I’m very pleased with the quality! The shipping service sent me a mail beforehand including tracking number as well.

Thanks for making this great product :D
— LumenLunae

Hello, Canadian backer here... Received mine yesterday, no email received. That said, everything was in perfect condition, all the parts were accounted for, and it is GORGEOUS!
— Matthew G from Canada
My copy has arrived in Denmark in perfect condition. Everything is there.
— Thomas from Denmark
Got my padded envelope in the mail today - looks great
— John B
Game received yesterday here in Italy. Everything went smooth. Thank you
— Francesco M from Italy

Got in my copy. Absolutely flawless.
— James R
Zapbox delivery was estimated for sometime early next week, but my duo Zapboxes arrived in NYC at about 1:30 today!
— Arnold B from New York City
Got mine. Looks excellent. Thanks for the nice shipping wrap job.
— Shazam
Yay!!! Whats this I see on my doormat here in the UK? Is it a little box from Ship Naked? I do believe it is :) Arrived safe and well here in the UK. Now to check I’m not missing any cards :)
— Chris Eames

Arrived in Austria in perfect condition, thank you!
— Winfried M from Austria
Got them in Orlando! That was fast. Thanks!
— Whavoc from Florida
Received my game in PA, USA. It feels good to have a game creator ship a game when promised... actually, ahead of time in this case. Thanks!
— Dan A from Pennsylvania
Everything went really well. I love not having to worry about the shipping.
— Jamie from Holy Grail Games

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I really didn’t expect this to be so simple and straightforward. You guys are incredible. Thank you!!
— Tara from New York
At first glance, everything appears to have arrived in PERFECT condition, here in Colorado!
— Whavoc from Colorado
Received my Ash here in the Netherlands. Shipping was bloody fast!
— Marijn B from Netherlands
Got it a few weeks ago. All in pristine condition. Excited to play it.
— Damith A

Thank you so, so much for all of your help. I can very happily report that the new dice arrived today. I deeply appreciate how quickly you responded and how willing you were to send a replacement. Thank you again!
— Sara from Utah
Game received, west of Toronto, today.

Well packaged and no damage to anything. SR year 2 promos came in clear packaging, not retail package (which is fine by me, just mentioning it).
— Eric R from Canada
Game has arrived in Denmark in perfect condition. Very nice production quality, can’t wait to get it to the table!
— Thomas from Denmark
Got my copy in the mail today (in perfect condition). Will be fun to try it out on next weeks game night.
— Daniel S