Kind Words from People Who Ship Naked

I’ve been incredibly pleased with the handling of Tiny Epic Galaxies. I have offered many recommendations to other publishers to use Ship Naked’s services... thanks for the good customer service, you’ve all done a great job.
— Michael Coe, Gamelyn Games
Wanted to let you know I just received the package in perfect condition. Thank you for the support!
— Andrea from Italy
Thank you so much! You guys are terrific and I am excited to get the game.
— Ben from Washington
Thank you for everything! Received and played yesterday. Amazing game and amazing customer support.
— Jason from Germany
I just got the game. Thanks! Now it’s time to hit the table!
— Facundo from Argentina
Just wanted to give a quick update, my copy of Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black arrived today — thanks for the speedy turnaround!
— Ryan from Canada

Not just ‘yes,’ but ‘hell, yes,’ I would recommend using Ship Naked... I want to state that the great staff at ShipNaked has always taken or returned our calls and email promptly, with professional acumen and warm courtesy.

We listened to and carefully followed ShipNaked’s instructions about what we could do to save money and speed things through; it was going in with that attitude on both our parts that has really made things work very smoothly between us. We have a great business relationship and I believe that ShipNaked really has our back, so I’m happy to have to opportunity to have their back!
— Alan Emrich, Victory Point Games
Thank you! I just received my copy of Nemo’s War. The box was in perfect condition and the contents complete and greatly appreciated. You guys did really well by me and I can’t tell you how much I valued your help and attention.
— Cliff from Pennsylvania
I received the new board a few days ago and it’s in perfect condition. I appreciate all the help you have provided me. Thanks!
— Brandon from Illinois

We thank you so much for your huge part you are playing in bringing Wood Robot and the Table of Ultimate Gaming to life worldwide!
— Patrick Meyer, Wood Robot

I can tell from all my interactions with Ship Naked that you have a great company. I have been very impressed with the follow-up and solid communication. I was totally surprised by the personal call. Monolith definitely picked a fantastic logistics partner. Thanks for all the help!
— Carl G.

You guys have done an excellent job hustling to deliver the games to our backers, and we couldn’t be more happy with the service from Ship Naked. Please, tell the warehouse team that they have done an excellent job, and we look forward to working with you all again in the future.
— Justin Lucas, Awful Fantasy Games

You guys have been great to work with on this
— Travis Hancock, Facade Games

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I really didn’t expect this to be so simple and straightforward. You guys are incredible. Thank you!
— Tara from New York

We love you folks, and will certainly be back in touch for Kickstarter #4. Our Epic Treasure Coin Kickstarter had 30 SKUs and 300 backers, and Ship Naked sent them all out with zero errors and great shipping rates. They are total champs.
— Mark Morrison & Andre Bishop, Campaign Coins

Ship Naked handled my Kickstarter fulfillment on time and at a reasonable price. The follow up service has been great and my backers have been very happy.
— Erika Svanoe, Marrying Mr. Darcy

Everything went really well. I love not having to worry about the shipping.
— Jamie Johnson, Holy Grail Games
Ship Naked are the best logistics partners in the biz.
— Owen Hermsen, Holy Grail Games

Not many questions from backers on shipping! That means me and you have done a great job making sure all our ducks are in row. Thanks for that!

I just wanted to say that it’s amazing that you’re updating the backers here. A great way to offload the creators (which I imagine are busy handling communication with backers) and builds trust for Ship Naked with the backers. I wish more fulfillment services did this. Kudos!
— Daniel Aronson, Treehouse Creative

I don’t think I have any suggestions for improvement. Everyone I have worked with at Ship Naked has been responsive, honest and very, very patient. Considering we had a pretty small Kickstarter it would have been easy for most companies to put less care into our business, but I feel like we got treated the same as if we had a million dollar campaign.

As always, thanks for all the help. Hopefully [our next campaign] is another success and we can continue to work together.
— Matt Keyser, Fidget Creative

Thank you and your team for the huge help you’ve been to Silverclutch. I really can’t express how grateful we are!

Also, I’d like to thank you for the constant communication during this process. I felt that Ship Naked was truly invested in helping Silverclutch solve the problems at hand.

Overall, I am exceedingly satisfied with your service.
— Chris Visco, Silverclutch Games

You guys were really good. When push came to shove you were able to deliver!
— Todd Medema, Expedition

Early in our crowdfunding campaign, we figured we’d ship a few hundred boxes ourselves, but once that turned into thousands, we were eager to find a good fulfillment partner. Ship Naked offered straightforward pricing and a set of features that gave us the confidence to open our campaign to backers outside the United States, When fulfillment time came, they helped us with rapidly changing shipping schedules, backer communication, and even offered excellent post-fulfillment options. Crowdfunding was kind of exhausting, but working with Ship Naked made it all a little easier.
— Matthew Moore, Do Better Games

Thank you very much for solid fulfillment. Everything is excellent, and I’m looking for collaborating in the future.
— Denis Davydov, Moroz Publishing