What Is Customs-Friendly Worldwide™?

Customs-Friendly Worldwide can be selected by our clients when they ship their packages. 

Customs-Friendly Worldwide means that if any recipients in a Customs-Friendly region have any additional charges for receiving your package, Ship Naked will reimburse the recipient directly for those costs. To make shipments Customs-Friendly, we ship from depots all around the world, depending on the weights and dimensions of the reward packages for each campaign. Backers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein are all covered by Customs-Friendly Worldwide, so this means that our Customs-Friendly shipments are US-Friendly, CA-Friendly, UK-Friendly, EU-Friendly, AU-Friendly, NZ Friendly, ... well, you get the idea! 

If your package was shipped using our Customs-Friendly Worldwide service, and you had any additional charges for receiving your package, simply complete this form and we will reimburse you via PayPal. If your package was not shipped by our client using Customs-Friendly Worldwide, we can let you know that too.

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