Simple, affordable logistics and shipping

Ship Naked provides comprehensive fulfillment solutions and specializes in handling Kickstarter campaigns and tabletop games. We can receive your product, store it securely, fulfill your  and process your outgoing shipments each week. Our innovative burst order fulfillment method allows us to process shipments more efficiently and save you serious money on shipping.


Ship Naked will get you the best value in logistics and shipping -- Guaranteed.

Here at Ship Naked, we can handle the entire shipping process for you. Here is an overview of how we provide you with a Worry-Free experience:

Order Fulfillment to Your Customers -- We ship from our headquarters in the US to locations all around the world. We receive your product, store it securely, and fulfill orders as you send them through to us. You can send us big bursts of orders all at once or even just one order at a time. Integrate your webstore or pledge manager into our system to automatically import orders each day. Simple, easy order fulfillment. 

Kickstarter Campaign Fulfillment -- We specialize in handling the complexities and burst volumes of crowdfunding reward package shipments. We've successfully fulfilled hundreds of campaigns and we can guide you through all stages of your project. 

Ongoing Storage and Order Fulfillment -- We provide free storage for our clients and ongoing storage after that as well.